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Why Is My Firewood Burning Inexperienced (Or Blue)?

Burning a hearth is a good way to loosen up, preserve heat and cook dinner meals each at residence and when having fun with a tenting journey. Nevertheless, fireplace is sizzling and has the potential to unfold, trigger accidents and a complete host of different risks. Understanding why a flame has a sure look will help you extra safely use your fireplace.

Generally, flames may seem to have an uncommon color. There are some which can be completely okay whereas others might point out an issue. So, what do the totally different colors imply and why is the hearth burning inexperienced or blue?

When a flame is inexperienced, this tells you that there is likely to be some kind of chemical within the wooden. A blue flame often implies that the hearth is burning at the next temperature, often round 2300 levels or extra.

It’s by no means price risking something when working with fireplace so use this information to find out whether or not your fireplace is protected and why the flames are a sure color. We’ll additionally cowl one of the best sort of wooden to make use of for a hearth to be sure you’re additional protected!

Why Is My Fireplace Inexperienced?

Generally, chances are you’ll discover that your flame burns inexperienced. This will come as a shock because it’s not one thing that many individuals may have seen earlier than. 

There are a selection of causes that this could possibly be the case however you’ll have to determine this out in an effort to decide whether or not it’s an issue or not. Plenty of the time, a inexperienced flame tells you that there are critical points. Nevertheless, it might additionally merely be due to the kind of wooden you’re utilizing. 

Some varieties of wooden can generate a inexperienced flame. Issues like cedar could generally do that but additionally any sort of wooden that has been handled with a pesticide might end in inexperienced flame. 

Word that woods which have foxfire on them; a kind of fungus that causes a luminescent glow, may also trigger a inexperienced flame.

Lots of people assume {that a} color change within the flame at all times equates to a change in temperature. Whereas that is typically true of a blue flame, the identical can’t be stated for a inexperienced one. Inexperienced flames could point out an exterior reason behind the color change. 

For essentially the most half, that is to do with one thing that’s burning in addition to simply the wooden. This may occur in case you have chosen wooden from a scrap pile or if the wooden accommodates pesticides. Chemical substances like this comprise a compound known as borax which can ignite as a inexperienced flame.

Wooden that accommodates copper may also have a inexperienced flame. If there aren’t any different apparent chemical compounds inside the wooden then copper is greater than doubtless the wrongdoer.

Now, the large query is whether or not this inexperienced flame is a hazard to you. Typically talking, should you’re simply burning the hearth to maintain heat, a inexperienced flame isn’t a lot of a risk. Nevertheless, we wouldn’t recommend making an attempt to cook dinner something on this fireplace because the chemical compounds inflicting the inexperienced flame might get into your meals. 

You aren’t going to need to toast your marshmallows over a hearth that accommodates copper. In case you do, then you definately threat ingesting the substance and ending up with copper toxicity which may trigger a variety of disagreeable signs.

Whereas utilizing the hearth for warmth or ambiance, you have to be OK so long as the realm is properly ventilated. In case you’re outdoor utilizing a firepit, this gained’t be a problem however if you’re utilizing an indoor wooden burning range, you’ll need to enhance airflow or extinguish the hearth and use a distinct wooden. 

Why Is My Fireplace Blue?

A blue flame is probably one thing we’re all just a little extra accustomed to. Nevertheless, it’s actually not the color you’ll count on a hearth to be so if you see it, it could actually really feel  fairly alarming. Most of us may have discovered in class {that a} blue flame is often a sign that the temperature of the flame is above common. 

However this isn’t one thing that’s uncommon. For instance, should you gentle a match, you’ll usually see that the bottom of the flame is blue whereas the remainder is orange. It’s because, on the base, the hearth is burning hotter. 

Generally, you should have a hearth the place the entire flame is blue and that’s when you understand that this can be a highly regarded fireplace. That is precipitated due to extra carbon. Fires like this may burn wherever between 2300 levels and 3000 levels. 

However the place has this carbon come from? Effectively, in a whole lot of instances, this can occur should you’re utilizing scrap wooden that has rusted metallic in it; issues like nails and screws, for instance. 

After all, chances are you’ll know for sure that there aren’t any elements like this within the wooden so that you’ll then want to consider the way it was handled earlier than burning. If it was stress handled then this implies it is going to doubtless comprise copper and this may trigger the blue flame.

However, as with the inexperienced flame, there are some varieties of wooden that naturally burn hotter and can create a blue flame that’s completely innocent. These are issues like American elm and black locust. On this case, it’s nothing to fret about. However actually watch out of that tremendous sizzling flame and take fireplace security extraordinarily critically. 

Once more, should you’re burning a hearth with a blue flame for ornamental objective or for warmth, it isn’t going to do any hurt. The truth is, you may say that it’s very environment friendly because the carbon is totally burning which implies that no different matter has an opportunity to; and that’s an excellent factor. 

However, if the hearth is getting used for an equipment then there is likely to be a threat of carbon monoxide so it’s actually vital to have a meter to examine this. Carbon monoxide poisoning may be lethal and also you gained’t essentially even realize it’s taking place till it’s too late. 

What Color Ought to The Flame Be?

When you consider a hearth, you’ll usually think about a shiny orange flame. And that’s no shock since that is the most typical color for a hearth. After all, the gas you’re utilizing and something that’s contained inside it could actually alter the color of the flame considerably. 

It doesn’t matter what sort of gas you employ; paper, wooden, coal, fuel or anything, these all comprise carbon. How a lot of this that burns will decide the color of the flame.

However it isn’t solely this that impacts the color; the temperature of the hearth may also change the color of the flame. Since most fires burn wherever between 1100 and 2200 levels, this creates the orange flame that we’re all used to seeing. 

What Is The Greatest Wooden For A Fireplace?

For essentially the most half, the color of the flame gained’t make an excessive amount of of a distinction. Though there are a couple of exceptions corresponding to a excessive carbon monoxide output. However selecting one of the best wooden for a hearth is vital as this can guarantee safer,  cleaner and extra environment friendly burning. 

Hardwoods are typically regarded as one of the best wooden and one thing like oak is especially efficient. The explanation for that is that oak has a really clear burn and doesn’t give off a whole lot of smoke. Furthermore, it’ll burn for for much longer which is nice if you want a hearth that’ll see you thru your entire night. 

Nevertheless, you’ll discover that hardwoods, corresponding to ash, birch, hickory and dogwood, do take just a little extra to get going. Igniting them could be a problem so it’s often greatest to make use of some kind of softwood earlier than including the hardwood in an effort to get the hearth going. However as soon as the hearth is established, you gained’t have to do a lot work aside from sitting again and having fun with the flames.

There are some varieties of softwood that work properly for a hearth as they have an inclination to ignite much more simply. This consists of issues like spruce and fir. What’s extra, woods like these have a way more nice aroma so can create a soothing environment across the fireplace. The issue is that softwoods require much more administration when burning and so they’ll exit a lot sooner. What’s left behind may be very little in the way in which of charcoal so it can be troublesome to get the hearth going once more as soon as it goes out. That’s why most individuals select to make use of softwood just for kindling. 

No matter the kind of wooden you’re utilizing, it have to be seasoned. Seasoned merely means dried and the wooden has been left to sit down for a time period to take away as a lot moisture as potential.

If you use freshly minimize wooden, there will probably be an excellent quantity of sap which may make igniting it troublesome, typically inconceivable. 

You should buy seasoned wooden from many locations together with on-line suppliers or it’s potential to season your individual in a wooden retailer. However needless to say you’ll want to go away it for not less than 12 months if you’d like it to correctly dry out. 


If you see something aside from an orange flame in your fireplace, it may be alarming. However there’s no have to panic. Inexperienced and blue flames are frequent when there are extra compounds, like copper or carbon, being burned within the fireplace. 

Generally, that is innocent nevertheless it’s in all probability greatest to not cook dinner over these flames as there’s a threat of the chemical compounds contaminating your meals. 

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