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POTD: Primer + Powder + Bullet. What’s Lacking?

POTD: Primer + Powder + Bullet… What’s Missing? – Rocket Ball Ammo

Welcome to immediately’s Picture of the Day! Right here we have now a recurring matter. I’ve, on this platform, talked in regards to the well-known Volcanic pistols and their Rocket Ball ammunition. This time I’m placing the ammunition on show below the Picture of the Day microscope. These chunks of powdered and primed lead usually are not all Volcanic Pistol-specific ammunition. I think about that might be the smaller number of the group.  Rocket Ball ammunition made its approach onto the scene within the late 1840s earlier than self-contained brass model cartridges had been standardized and accepted as a superior type of ammunition. The rocket Ball ammunition was merely a lead bullet with a hollowed-out base crammed with powder and priming compound positioned on the rear. the restricted quantity of powder made these cartridges fairly weak and consequently, they had been by no means going to final on the earth of advancing self-contained cartridges.

“The Rocket Ball ammunition design was first patented by Walter Hunt in 1848. Hunt’s design utilized the cavity of a Minie ball projectile to carry the propellant and was coated with a punctured base for ignition from an exterior supply. The sort of ammunition was used for the Hunt Repeating Rifle, Jennings Rifle, and Smith-Jennings Rifle. The design was improved upon by Horace Smith and Daniel Wesson by including the primer to the ball making the ammunition utterly self contained. This was used within the Smith & Wesson Lever Motion Arms and Volcanic Arms. This lot comprises two .54 caliber balls for a Jennings Rifle, 13 rounds of .41 Volcanic ammunition, and 5 rounds of .31 Volcanic ammunition.”

Rocket Ball

Lot 13: Group of Assorted Volcanic and Jennings Ammunition. (n.d.). Rock Island Public sale Firm. {photograph}. Retrieved July 21, 2022, from

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