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Consciousness & our Well being • We Weblog The World

Consciousness is thrown round as a phrase currently a lot that it has begun to lose which means. However what does it imply within the context of your well being and normal well-being? And, how can higher understanding consciousness strengthen your immune system? On the fundamental stage, you’ll be able to consider Consciousness as a means of being, a means of exhibiting up on this planet.

Whenever you’re aware of issues outdoors of your individual “actuality” and “perception methods” you start to speak in confidence to an entire new world and set of perception methods that outline you and every part else round you. Your sense of actuality itself modifications.

And, you start to understand that you simply’re related to every part else on this planet – all dwelling issues:
the vegetation, the rocks, the bushes, the rivers, streams, the birds, dolphins, canine, horses – you get the thought. Even the celebrities; we’re all interconnected.

Some confer with it as non-duality or oneness.  Utilizing extra esoteric and non secular language, one would possibly say:

  • I’m that.
  • I’m one with all.
  • I’m that I’m.
  • The Well-known Airtight Time period: As above, so Under.

Utilizing each day and even language getting used extra generally in enterprise, you would possibly name it mindfulness, being current with what’s or heart-centered dwelling.  Others name it ‘being within the zone’ or ‘being within the movement.’ Artists and musicians would possibly confer with it as letting creativity movement ‘by way of you’ not attempting to pressure what isn’t in alignment with who you might be and what’s attempting to come back forth.

After I ran a branding and communications company, one in every of my taglines was:

Aligning Your Model with Your Imaginative and prescient. One other one I used to be keen on was: These Who See the Invisible, Can Do the Unattainable.  The primary one is  about alignment with the totality of who you might be at a soul stage, which is a lot greater than the human flesh and bones that our bodily eyes can see.

Within the work that we do at Blue Soul Earth®, we deal with Igniting Consciousness, as our guides say “one soul at a time.” A part of our work by way of educating, programs, workshops and retreats is to lift the consciousness of these we’re working with — after we do this, the soul begins to vibrate a better/sooner amplitudes which retains their frequency nearer to their true supply: divine love.  If you find yourself dwelling from that place, you are additionally dwelling from a spot of gratitude and really being current, each of which helps your chakras and vitality physique keep balanced and aligned.

When our vitality our bodies are balanced and aligned, it instantly impacts our ‘bodily our bodies’ as a result of they’re one in the identical. In different phrases, what we do, see, really feel, and even say impacts our immune system as a result of as a ‘whole system’, it’s all related. Bear in mind, phrases carry frequencies, a few of that are extra therapeutic than others.

At a fundamental stage, you’ll be able to say that once you make aware decisions, you might be in creation mode relatively than “letting the world occur to you mode.”  From lowest vibrational resonance to highest, you progress from Sufferer to Creator. From a mid-level vibrational resonance to highest, you progress from Passive Existence to Proactive Manifestor.


  • More healthy consuming: natural, sustainable and eliminating meals that come from packing containers and cans. Eliminating Sugars, unhealthy carbs and starches and specializing in stability.
  • Higher choices within the office and at residence so that you’re extra at concord with the way you SHOW UP on this planet.
  • Listening to the world round you which incorporates extra optimistic environmental decisions like choosing up plastic once you see it or supporting teams which can be attempting to make a distinction at each a macro and micro stage.

Whenever you’re in concord and stability, your Vitality Physique which exists outdoors the bodily physique is aligned. The opposite factor that Consciousness results in past aware decisions and heart-centered dwelling is being awake to the HERE & NOW. In different phrases: being current with what’s in entrance of you.

Gratitude. Gratitude. Gratitude.

After we deal with what we do have, relatively than always chasing what we don’t have or yearn extra, we get extra craving and extra lack. That is counter to the Legal guidelines of Nature on the subject of:

  • Manifesting Abundance
  • Interior Pleasure
  • Serenity & Peace
  • Optimum Well being

This additionally means being awake to the phantasm that we stay as human beings every day. In different cultures, different language is used, corresponding to dwelling the false self or from the egoic self, or just MAYA.

After we are awake, we start to resonate in a special dimensional actuality and tune into a special vibration and frequency. Sure, actually. We’re a mixture of sounds – we’re sound.

We’re sacred numbers. We’re shapes and symbols. We’re in essence, past area and time as we all know it.

We stay in a multi-dimensional Universe. Gregg Braden, Deepak Chopra, Bruce Lipton & many fashionable non secular masters throughout cultures communicate of it, weaving within the newest developments from quantum physicals and mechanics to clarify their views.

BTW, the quantum/multi-dimensional shifts are additionally the stuff that shamans communicate of and inherently know – they’re tapping right into a visual view.

We work with individuals to assist open up that visual view, internal understanding and understanding to allow them to start to connect with these greater dimensional states of being, utilizing their very own energy inside, with out the Ayahuasca Journey, Kambo Medication or Psychedelics.

Whenever you start to stay in what we confer with as a better resonant discipline of consciousness and consciousness, our lives begin to movement with ease as a result of we’re abiding by the Pure Legal guidelines of the Universe. We’re surrendering into what IS relatively than attempting to regulate or pressure every state of affairs.

We start to show to the Love Grid relatively than the Worry Grid for our day by day determination making. We start to maneuver from doing to being. We make aware decisions so we change into creators and manifestors. We study to maneuver with ease between the female and masculine energies that lie inside, permitting the pure ebb and movement to happen. We learn to dance with them and movement between them so we don’t battle or resist these highly effective inside forces.

Not are we in battle or flight mode.  We settle for Self-Love relatively than reject it or run from it. Ever hear: Self Love, it begins right here?

We start to see others as ourselves, not separate. We see the oneness and interconnectedness of the world round us. Judgment of others disappears. All of this strengthens our chakras and vitality our bodies and naturally that is all related to our bodily well-being and our immune methods.

This results in general stability and from that place, we are able to start to steer from heart-centered choices each day. Then, we are able to really feel the serenity. We are able to really feel the peace. We are able to give up into all of it, which finally helps our emotional and our bodily well-being. Are you able to go there?


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